Seventh Heaven Inn Rishikesh
Seventh Heaven Inn Rishikesh
Tapovan Laxman Jhula
District : Tehri Garhwal - 249192
Uttarakhand, India
Mobile and WhatsApp :
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Discover the magic of Rishikesh

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas where Ganges pours luminous blue-green from the Shivalik Hills on her journey to the plains, it is easy to see why Rishikesh was named 'Lord of the Senses' and why Uttarakhand, the state in which it lies, is known as Dev Bhumi , the Land of the Gods. This region captures the romance of India as well the beauty.



City of pilgrimage for Hindus and westerners alike, Rishikesh is where the Beatles came to study with the Maharishi and stayed long enough to write over 50 songs and it is still possible to visit the ashram where they stayed, now half way to being a kind of ruin but beautiful and fascinating. Many travellers still follow in their footsteps to de-stress, learn yoga, study ancient philosophy and spirituality.


Beatles Ashram

Meditation and yoga classes are within easy reach, as are music and dance teachers, astrologers, Ayurvedic treatments and healing practitioners of many kinds. Or just relax in the riverside cafés (Rishikesh boasts an unusually wide variety of world cuisines), bookshops and mountain air.

For those looking for a physical challenge, white-water rafting, kayaking, climbing, rappelling and cliff-jumping are all available, as well as the gentler pursuits of walking and bathing in Ganga's healing waters.

Rishikesh connects to the major road, rail and air networks. Only half an hour's ride from the local airport and a one hour flight from Delhi, it is a great place to recuperate and unwind if arriving from a long international flight. On arrival you can relax and let Seventh Heaven take care of you - or go on excursions to places of interest and beauty nearby.

For a romantic getaway Rishikesh is an ideal destination - fairytale temples, tranquil corners, candlelit ceremonies at sunrise and sunset, riverside walks with unexpected beaches - and only a few kilometres beyond, the wooded, winding mountain roads of the Himalayan foothills...

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